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Bundles (US Securities)

  • Bundles are a new feature that offer a simplified investing experience. They are pre-packaged orders formulated according to attributes of its constituent securities/ETFs (otherwise known as assets). These attributes include geographic and industry exposure, historical dividend yield, historical trading volumes, historical capital appreciation, or emulating specific portfolios. Please note that Bundles do not take into account your personal circumstances, risk appetite, and goals.

    Each Bundle comprises several separate orders for ease of execution only, and should not be construed in any manner as any guarantee of future performance, financial advice, any marketing of any specific investment, or offer or recommendation of any purchase or sale of any specific investment product or security. Each Bundle is constructed based on information relevant and available at the time of composition, and the composition may not be amended or updated at every instance to be contemporaneous with prevailing market conditions. Syfe makes no representation and gives no warranty as to each Bundle’s completeness, accuracy, or suitability for any particular purpose. Syfe is providing the service on an execution-only basis, and does not assume any duty of care (whether under contract, tort, statute or otherwise) to you in relation to the inclusion and/or allocation of any asset in a Bundle, and/or execution or non-execution of any trade comprised in a Bundle, and any loss which may be suffered or incurred by you in any way in relation to your use of Bundles. You should carry out your own research on the appropriateness of the individual assets before proceeding with a Bundle, or seek financial advice through a financial advisor and independent legal, accounting, regulatory or tax advice, where appropriate and/or necessary.

    After the trades within a Bundle are executed, Syfe does not monitor or manage the performance or allocation of the assets in it. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the open positions you hold in these assets are suitable for you.

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  • Each Bundle typically contains 3-8 assets, and each asset is treated as an individual trade order. Please note that in some cases, some orders in a Bundle may not be filled due to market conditions.

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  • No, Bundles are pre-selected and the allocations cannot be customised. If you wish to customise the trades, you may do so by placing the trades individually.

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  • US Bundles have a minimum order value of US$100, and can be purchased at increments of US$10 thereafter. 

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  • Bundles are executed as individual trade orders for each asset. The pricing is based on the execution of each trade within the Bundle. As a promotional offer, trades within Bundles are eligible for a 50% discount on brokerage fees. For example, each trade in a US Bundle costs US$0.745, a 50% reduction from the standard US$1.49 per trade.

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  •  Bundle orders can be placed anytime, but execution occurs only during US market hours.  It's important to note that each transaction within a Bundle is executed as a Market Order by dollar value which means the dollar value  of the Bundle is fixed, and while all trades are likely to be executed, the number of units purchased for each asset in the Bundle may vary due to fluctuations in the price of each asset between the time of placement and the time of execution. Accordingly, the number of units and the market price of each asset are indicative only and subject to change. Orders remain active only on the day they are placed and will be canceled if not filled by the end of the trading day. However, if an order is placed after the trading day ends, it will be scheduled for execution on the next trading day. The status of individual orders can be checked in the history page of the app. 


    Example of how a US Bundle will be executed

    A US Bundle may comprise 5 assets as follows:

    1. Asset A - 35% 
    2. Asset B - 30% 
    3. Asset C - 15% 
    4. Asset D - 10% 
    5. Asset E - 10%

    If an order for the US Bundles at a total order value of $1,000 is placed, the asset trades within the Bundles (assuming fully filled) will result in the client purchasing exactly $350 worth of Asset A, $300 worth of Asset B, $150 worth of Asset C, and $100 worth of each of Assets D and E, though the number of units purchased may vary due to price fluctuations. This is because Syfe supports fractional trading for US assets. The total brokerage cost would be $3.725 (i.e. 50% discount compared to the cost of buying the assets individually). In total, you will pay $1,003.725 for the purchase of this US Bundle.

    The above is illustrated as follows:

    Asset Target Allocation Order Value based on allocation (US$) Value Purchased (US$) Brokerage Cost (US$)
    A 35% 350 350 0.745
    B 30% 300 300 0.745
    C 15% 150 150 0.745
    D 10% 100 100 0.745
    E 10% 100 100 0.745
    Total 1000 1000 3.725

    Total amount charged with fees: US$1,003.725

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  • Once the orders are filled, the purchased assets will appear individually on your portfolio page. If you wish to sell, you need to do so for each asset separately.


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  • Orders may be canceled due to various reasons by the exchange. If an order is canceled, it will not be placed again, and only the successfully executed orders within the Bundle will be reflected in your account. For specific queries related to order cancellations, please refer to the Syfe Help Center.


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