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How do I set up a standing instruction / recurring transfer?

  • You can automate your investments by setting up a standing instruction directly with your bank. By doing so, you authorize your bank to automatically withdraw a certain amount of money and transfer it to your Syfe account based on a timeframe you have indicated.

    There is no minimum investment required when setting up standing instructions in SGD. 

    Kindly refer to the hyperlinked guides for detailed instructions on how to set up a standing instruction for the following banks.

    How do I amend or cancel my standing instruction?

    Syfe is not able to automate any bank deductions on our end nor do we have the authorization to make any changes to your standing instructions set up with the bank.

    Thus, should you wish to amend or stop any recurring transfers you have set up through your bank, kindly log in to your banking platform and making the changes directly there.

    If you require assistance with amending or canceling your standing instruction, please kindly contact your bank for more information as different banks may have different instructions for doing so.  

    Please note that making a full withdrawal of your Syfe account does not automatically cancel the standing instruction you created. You will need to cancel your standing instruction through your banking platform to stop future fund transfers. 

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