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Getting Started with Syfe Wealth

  • Syfe offers four portfolio categories:

    Core - All-in-one portfolios that hold equity, bond, and gold ETFs. Depending on your goals, investing timeline, and risk appetite, you can choose between Core Defensive, Core Balanced, Core Growth, and Core Equity100 portfolios. 

    REIT+ - A Singapore REIT focused portfolio that tracks the SGX’s iEdge S-REIT Leaders index. You can also opt for additional risk-management which adds Singapore government bonds to your portfolio to diversify risk.

    Select (Themes and Custom) - Choose from 5 thematic options, or build your own portfolio from our carefully curated list of 100+ ETFs.

    Cash+ - A cash management portfolio that helps you earn more on your savings with projected returns of 3.0% p.a. 

    Wondering which may be most suitable for you and your goals? Feel free to schedule a consultation session with our wealth experts here

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  • Yes, absolutely! There is no limit in terms of the number of portfolios you can have in your Syfe Wealth account. 

    After you setting up your first portfolio, simply click on 'Add New' at the top right part of your Syfe Wealth account dashboard to set up different portfolios for your different investment goals. 

    For instance, you may invest in Core Growth for a long-term goal like retirement and choose Cash+ portfolio as a cash management tool. If you are looking to seek personalised guidance on the most suitable investment strategy, you may schedule a consultation with our wealth experts here

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  • No. There is no minimum amount to start investing in any of our portfolios if you transfer funds in SGD. However, if you wish to transfer your funds in USD, there is a minimum of US $10,000. Learn more here.

    There is no minimum balance or lock-in period as well for any Syfe Wealth portfolios, you can withdraw your funds at any time with no withdrawal fees charged.

    Kindly note that withdrawals involve the selling off of assets in your portfolio, which will result in realized profits or losses. Learn more about withdrawals:


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  • Your Syfe Wealth monthly statements are generated and sent to your Syfe-registered email address before 15th of the next month, i.e. statement for the month of August will be generated and sent before 15 September. It summarizes your portfolio holdings at the end of the month as well as your executed transactions within that month. 

    Can I retrieve my monthly statements in the Syfe Wealth app?

    Yes, you will be able to access and download them via the Syfe Wealth app. Kindly click on Account > Account information > Account statements.

    Please note that we do not send out hardcopy statements.

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