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Funding Syfe Wealth portfolios

  • You can do so in a few simple steps. For clarity please refer to the guide below:



    Funding methods

    For one-time transfers from your bank account to your Syfe account. You may use PayNow or Internet Banking (FAST Transfer) to transfer funds in SGD.

    1. FAST (Fast and Secure Transfer)

      FAST is an electronic funds transfer service that lets you transfer SGD funds quickly to us. For funding via FAST, you may direct your funds to the following bank account:

      DBS Bank Account: 0720110196 (Bank branch code: 072)

      Name: Syfe Pte Ltd Clients AC

      Swift/BIC: DBSSSGSG or DBSSSGSGXXX (if using Citibank)

      There is a maximum limit of SGD200,000 per transaction. To take advantage of the limit, you will have to change your existing personal local transfer limit on internet banking before making the transfer.

      Please remember to include your Portfolio ID in the reference / comments field. You can view the Portfolio ID by logging in and clicking on your chosen portfolio. The ID will be at the bottom of the screen for mobile app users.


    2. PayNow

      PayNow is a funds transfer service for clients of nine participating banks in Singapore – Bank of China, Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and UOB.

      To transfer funds using PayNow via UEN, key in Syfe UEN number: 201834952HDBS.

      Complete the transfer by keying in the amount and entering your Portfolio ID in the reference / comments field. You can view the Portfolio ID by logging in and clicking on your chosen portfolio. The ID will be at the bottom of the screen for mobile app users.

      Alternatively, you may also scan the QR code below for PayNow.



    Funding in USD or other currencies

    For amounts in USD, you may use wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfers), or online remittance platforms such as Wise and Revolut. After making a transfer via such online remittance platforms, please be reminded to submit a Deposit Confirmation in your Syfe account along with the PDF receipt of the transaction.

    To do a “Deposit Confirmation” after transferring the funds, you may follow the steps below.

    1. Select "Manage Funds" on the portfolio you wish to credit the funds to
    2. Select "Add Funds"
    3. On the Deposit Confirmation page, select the transfer type
    4. Select "I Have Transferred"
    5. Complete the transfer details and
    6. Submit a PDF receipt of the transaction

    Please note that PayNow transfers from third-party digital wallets (e.g. GrabPay, LifeSG, Singlife) may not be accepted or require further supporting documents which can delay the crediting of your funds.


    If you wish to set up recurring transfers to your Syfe Wealth portfolios, there are two ways to do so. Click on the below links to learn more:


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  • After making a transfer to your Syfe Wealth portfolio, you will receive an email from us confirming the receipt of your funds. This email will be sent within one business day, after our team has verified the transfer.

    Once verified, your funds will be invested within 1 - 2 business days, after which you will be able to see your funds reflected on your dashboard. Kindly note that investing into Cash+ portfolio may take slightly longer (2-3 business days) compared to other Syfe Wealth portfolios.

    For funds transferred before 11am on a business day, we will work hard to invest your funds within the same business day. However, we cannot guarantee that this is always possible.

    Kindly note that weekends and public holidays are not considered business days.

    In some cases, the process can take longer if there are supporting documents pending. We may require additional supporting documents from you to complete your account opening or to verify your bank details before we can invest your funds. Please check the email address your Syfe account is registered with to see if you have received an email from our Support Team (do check other folders as well if you do not receive it in your inbox).


    Why do I see 100% cash on my dashboard?

    After making a funds transfer, you may see your portfolio asset allocation reflected as "100% cash" on your dashboard. This is perfectly normal. It simply means that your funds have been received and will be invested as soon as possible. You'll see your portfolio composition updated to reflect your investments the next business day around 2pm.


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  • If you do not have a Singapore bank account, you may transfer funds via wire/Telegraphic Transfer as well.

    Please ensure that the remitting bank sends MT103 to the beneficiary bank so that we can apply funds to your account. For information on our bank account details, kindly refer to the 'Transfer Funds' page on our platforms. You will need to state your Portfolio ID in the reference or remarks column as well.

    Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank

    A/C Number: 0720110196

    Account Name: Syfe Pte Ltd Clients AC

    Bank Code: 7171


    Please note that there is a minimum amount of USD10,000 per transfer for USD fund transfers.

    Following your transfer, please email a copy of your bank transaction report to for our record. The proof of transaction must contain the following information to avoid unnecessary delays in crediting funds to your account:

    • Your Bank Name and Logo
    • Your Bank Account Number
    • Beneficiary Bank Account Number
    • Amount
    • Date of Transfer

    I would like to fund my account in USD. Should I use MEPS as a mode of transfer?

    To transfer funds in USD, please only select Telegraphic Transfer as the transfer method. MEPS (MAS Electronic Payment System) is a real-time gross settlement system operated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). When MEPS is used, all currencies will automatically be converted to SGD before the transfer. DBS Bank, as the receiving party of all fund transfers to Syfe, will then receive the funds in SGD. To avoid incurring unnecessary currency conversion charges, please select Telegraphic Transfer if you wish to transfer funds in USD.


    Alternatively, you may use online payment services platforms like Wise or Revolut to transfer your funds. 


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  • Your Syfe account can be funded in both SGD and USD. 


    USD-denominated portfolios (Syfe Core & Syfe Select)

    Syfe Core & Syfe Select portfolios can be funded in both SGD and USD.

    As our Syfe Core and Syfe Select portfolios are USD denominated, funds transferred in SGD will be converted into USD before being invested. Our broker charges Syfe customers a very low currency conversion fee of 0.09% - 0.12% to place trades from their SGD denominated accounts. Retail investors generally pay much more (between 0.5% to 0.7%) in currency conversion fees.

    For funds transferred in USD, there will be no currency conversion fee (as long as wire transfer / Telegraphic Transfer is selected) as no currency conversion will be required before investing. However, kindly note that there is a minimum of US$10,000 required if you wish to transfer your funds in USD and bank charges may apply.


    SGD-denominated portfolios (Syfe REIT+ and Syfe Cash+)

    Syfe Cash+ portfolios can only be funded in SGD.

    Funds transferred in SGD will not be charged any currency conversion fee since the underlying assets in these two portfolios are SGD-denominated. 


    Transferring funds in any other currencies

    At present, you may also make a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) in the following currencies: SGD, USD, AUD, CAD, CNH, HKD, NZD, GBP, NOK, SEK, CHF, EUR and JPY. Depending on your TT instruction, these currencies will be converted to either USD or SGD at our bank DBS' exchange rate.

    However, as Syfe's multi-currency account takes only USD and SGD, your funds will get converted to either USD or SGD at our bank DBS' prevailing rates, depending on your TT instruction.

    If you do not specify a currency in your TT instruction, the default option is for your funds to be converted to SGD. 

    All forex conversions will be done at DBS rates and the forex rate is calculated at the time of the transfer. If you are doing a TT, you may also consider using online payment services platforms like Wise and Revolut for more competitive forex rates. 

    Funds converted to either USD or SGD will be invested in your selected portfolio. Please note that there is a minimum investment of US$10,000 for USD investments. There is no minimum investment amount for SGD funds. 

    For funds transferred via your own multi-currency account, the process is similar to a TT. The currency transferred will be converted to USD or SGD at DBS rates. Kindly note that there is no special forex arrangement and all conversions will be done at DBS rates. 


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  • As part of MAS rules and regulations, we cannot accept funds that are transferred from a third party. Funds transferred have to originate from your own name and bank account.

    If you have transferred funds from a joint account, please send us a bank statement that shows:

    1. Both the Joint Account Holders' names
    2. Bank name
    3. Bank account number

    You may email your supporting document to

    Funds that do not originate from either your account or a joint account that you own will be returned to you. You may then make a new transfer from your own bank account.

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  • Funds transferred before our cut-off time in the morning are considered as previous day transfers. Funds that are transferred after the cut-off time will be reflected as current day transfers.

    For instance, if you transferred funds on 30 October before our cut-off timing, you will see the date reflected on your transaction statement as 29 October.

    If you transferred funds on 30 October after our cut-off timing, you will see the date reflected on your transaction statement as 30 October.




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  • Syfe accepts transfers from MAS-licensed Financial Institutions (FI). If you would like to make a transfer from a FI that is not licensed by MAS, we may reject the transfer and return the funds to you. Please note that all fund transfers will be subject to our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

    Please note that PayNow transfers from third-party digital wallets (e.g. GrabPay, LifeSG, Singlife) may not be accepted or require further supporting documents which can delay the crediting of your funds. Thus, we strongly encourage you to transfer funds directly from your bank account via PayNow or FAST instead. 

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  • You can automate your investments by setting up a standing instruction directly with your bank. By doing so, you authorize your bank to automatically withdraw a certain amount of money and transfer it to your Syfe account based on a timeframe you have indicated.

    There is no minimum investment required when setting up standing instructions in SGD. 

    Kindly refer to the hyperlinked guides for detailed instructions on how to set up a standing instruction for the following banks.

    How do I amend or cancel my standing instruction?

    Syfe is not able to automate any bank deductions on our end nor do we have the authorization to make any changes to your standing instructions set up with the bank.

    Thus, should you wish to amend or stop any recurring transfers you have set up through your bank, kindly log in to your banking platform and making the changes directly there.

    If you require assistance with amending or canceling your standing instruction, please kindly contact your bank for more information as different banks may have different instructions for doing so.  

    Please note that making a full withdrawal of your Syfe account does not automatically cancel the standing instruction you created. You will need to cancel your standing instruction through your banking platform to stop future fund transfers. 

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