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Syfe Select Themes

  • Select Themes is a way to apply thematic investing to your portfolio. Many investors want their portfolios to reflect their values and investment preferences. With thematic portfolios, you can do just that.

    Select Themes offers five different portfolio themes: ESG & Clean Energy, Disruptive Technology, Healthcare Innovation, China Growth, and Global Income. Each thematic portfolio enables you to invest in a carefully curated set of ETFs aligned to a specific theme. 

    The Select ESG & Clean Energy, Disruptive Technology, Healthcare Innovation, and China Growth thematic portfolios focus on megatrends that are poised to capitalise on long-term structural shifts such as disruptive technologies, sustainability, changing demographics, and China’s evolving economy. Meanwhile, the Global Income thematic portfolio is designed to offer income opportunities across investment-grade and high-yield bonds. Learn more here

    How are the investments within each thematic portfolio selected?

    Our starting universe of possible investments comprise over 100 carefully selected ETFs that are low-cost, highly liquid and track their benchmarks closely.

    Each ETF is then classified into broad themes and given a risk score between 1 to 5 based on its underlying asset class, geography and sector exposures.

    ETFs that best represent our theme and offer the best potential for risk-adjusted returns are then selected for possible inclusion to each Select Theme portfolios.

    Click here to learn more about our thematic portfolio strategy.

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  • To help you determine whether a Select Themes portfolio is aligned to your risk appetite, we provide the portfolio’s overall risk rating for your review.

    We calculate this rating by using the weighted average risk scores of the individual ETFs within your portfolio. Each ETF in our investment universe is first given a risk score between 1 to 5 based on its underlying asset class, geography and sector exposures. A score of 1 is very low risk; a score of 5 is very high risk.

    For more details on how portfolio risk score is calculated, refer to our blog article

    Please be advised that all forms of investments carry a certain degree of risk. Clients should consider their personal risk appetite and evaluate it against the risk rating of each Select Themes portfolio.

    In general, thematic portfolios should be used to complement your core investment holdings and should make up less than 30% of your overall portfolio allocation.

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  • Syfe Select Theme portfolios are managed by Syfe’s investment team and as such are not customizable. The ETFs in the thematic portfolios have been carefully chosen to offer you the most efficient portfolio allocation. New themes and sectors are constantly monitored for possible inclusion in the portfolio. Changing the individual ETFs may result in your returns being negatively impacted over time.

    However, you can use the Syfe Select Theme portfolio allocations as templates. If you wish to tweak certain asset allocations or create your own theme, you may do so using Syfe Select Custom portfolio. Take inspiration from our thematic portfolios and put your own spin to it with our Custom portfolio option.

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  • Our five Select Themes portfolios include:

    • ESG & Clean Energy
      Syfe's ESG & Clean Energy portfolio invests in companies that rank highly on all environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria. We take businesses in industries like oil and tobacco out of the equation, and focus on those that make an environmental impact. ETFs aligned to clean energy and water sustainability make up half of our portfolio. Learn more about Syfe's ESG & Clean Energy portfolio here


    • Disruptive Technology
      Syfe's Disruptive Technology portfolio invests in companies at the leading edge of technologies and trends that are reshaping the future. The portfolio focuses on next generation technology themes such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, cloud computing, fintech, esports, cybersecurity and more. Learn more about Syfe's Disruptive Technology portfolio here


    • Healthcare Innovation
      Syfe's Healthcare Innovation portfolio invests across the full spectrum of healthcare stocks. Capturing evolving trends in the healthcare sector, the portfolio focuses on genomics and biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare services such as insurance and specialized treatment, and medical devices. Learn more about Syfe's Healthcare Innovation portfolio here


    • China Growth
      Syfe's China Growth portfolio invests in companies at the forefront of China's new economy sectors, with a focus on China's rising consumer class and fast-moving Internet and technology sectors. Learn more about Syfe's China Growth portfolio here


    • Global Income
      Syfe's Global Income portfolio holds high-yield and investment-grade corporate and government bonds, along with real assets. The portfolio offers income return with potential capital appreciation, yielding 4-5% p.a. Learn more about Syfe's Global Income portfolio here
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