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    Syfe clients get to enjoy an all-inclusive pricing and attractive benefits across all the products (Managed Portfolios, Cash Management and Brokerage) based on a simple tiering system, with effect from 01 February 2024. Syfe strongly believes in keeping fees low to accelerate our clients' wealth-building journey.

    At first glance

    • Managed Portfolios: management fees between 0.25% and 0.65% p.a. (per annum) 
    • Cash Management: management fees between 0.05% to 0.20% p.a. for Cash+ Flexi, and no management fees are charged for Cash+ Guaranteed 
    • Brokerage: competitive trade fees vary depending on the markets
      • US: unlimited free trades for the first 3 months of usage, and at least 2 free trades per month thereafter. After using up your free trades, pay low fees between US$0.99 to US$1.49 per trade. Diamond-tierd users continue to enjoy unlimited free trades 
      • Singapore: while there’s no free trade for SG, clients get to enjoy low fees between 0.04% to 0.06% of trade value (with a min of S$1.98 per trade)

    Net worth and net invested amount

    • Net worth is the total value of assets you have with Syfe, across Managed Portfolios, Cash Management, and Brokerage
    • Invested amount, or net deposits, is simply how much you’ve deposited minus how much you’ve withdrawn, across all Syfe products and investments  


    Pricing tiers

    • The pricing tiers, and their corresponding fees and benefits, are determined by the higher of two above-mentioned values: your “net worth” or invested amount.
    • This is to ensure that you can benefit from our pricing and maintain low fees on your investment, whether you’re a new customer just starting to build up assets with us, or an existing customer whose assets have grown substantially since your initial investment
    • The tier requirements are 
     Blue  Black  Gold  Platinum  Diamond
     No min  from S$50,000  from S$250,000  from $1,000,000  from S$5,000,000
    • Each pricing tier has specific management fees and commissions / charges for the set of products and features we offer. Please refer to our pricing for more details
    • Your net worth, as comprised of the values of investment assets, does fluctuate with market movements 
    • Your invested amount is only impacted by your cash flow decisions. For example, as you deposit more capital into your portfolios, your invested amount increases. It decreases when you withdraw the funds to your bank accounts. Internal transfers (between Managed Portfolios, Cash Management, and Brokerage) do not affect your overall invested amount used for tier calculation 
    • For Managed Portfolios and Cash Management:
      • Every day, we recalculate your net worth and invested amount based on available data, for performance reporting, and also to accurately reflect your appropriate pricing tier. Fees are calculated on a daily basis based on your current tier and deducted from each of your portfolio’s cash balances at the end of each month. Learn more about portfolio cash balances here.
      • As fees are calculated daily based on each portfolio's net asset value (NAV) for that day, you pay only for the days your money was managed by Syfe. 
    • For Brokerage: 
      • Based on your assigned tier as determined above, we allocate the number of free trades and calculate the fees per trade (if applicable) accordingly 


    • You deposit S$40,000 into Managed portfolios, and dollar-cost-average another sum of S$9,000 over time. Your invested amount is S$49,000 and you’re in the Blue tier. 
    • Your investments appreciate in value and your net worth increases to S$50,000. You get automatically upgraded to Black tier as your net worth (the higher value) is used for tier qualification. (However, if your investment value drops below S$50,000 your tier will regress to Blue).  
    • Your invested amount is still S$49,000 since you’ve not made any more deposits, but also haven’t withdrawn
    • You deposit another S$1,000 and your invested amount is S$50,000. In the meantime, due to a market correction your net worth declines to S$49,990. While this doesn’t meet the tier requirement, the higher of two values (invested amount) still keeps you qualified for Black tier 
    • Please note that in order to maintain accurate calculations, it takes at least one business day for your numbers to be reflected. For example, you have deposited S$49,000 (Blue tier) and just added another S$1,000 to qualify for Black tier, even though the additional S$1,000 has been identified in our system, it will take at least one business day to reflect your new tier (Black) as there are pending investments or verifications to be settled and accounted for. 

    Where can I see the fees I have paid?

    • To view the details of your fees paid, you may click on any of your Syfe Managed portfolio(s) and scroll to the "Fees paid" section
    • For any paid trades, the fees are fully reflected in the order preview page, and also in your trade confirmations sent via email after the trade is executed 
    • For new Syfe clients with an ongoing promo / fee waiver, your corresponding tier is still displayed under your account information, but fees are waived. E.g. if you're a new Syfe user depositing S$50,000 and qualified for Black tier, you will see the tier reflected accordingly. Your fees are waived (based on the corresponding terms and conditions) until the promo is over.  
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  • ETF management fees (for Managed Portfolios)

    The ETF management fee across our Core portfolios averages between 0.15% and 0.24%. ETF fees for Select portfolios may vary. For an ETF management fee of 0.15%, this amounts to around $1.50 per $1,000 invested each year. The fee is charged by the ETF manager and built in to the prices of the ETFs that we buy on your behalf.

    Since it is not charged by Syfe, you will not see the ETF management fee deducted directly from your Syfe account.

    Currency conversion

    There is a 0.09% - 0.12% fee for currency conversion charged by our broker on the amount converted. This is applicable on SGD transfers made to Syfe portfolios where we need to buy or sell US dollars to trade US securities in your account.

    To understand more about currency conversion and your portfolio, please find out more here.

    SEC charges

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges a very small fee of 0.0008% on sell trades. This fee applies to portfolios other than REIT+. Cash+ Flexi and Cash+ Guaranteed for sell transactions only.

    SGX clearing and trading access fees (For REIT portfolios)

    To-date, Syfe has been absorbing the SGX clearing and trading access fee applicable to the services we provide to you in your simple, one and all-inclusive management fee.

    Syfe waives the Singapore Exchange (SGX) charges clearing and trading access fees for trades executed on the SGX. SGX clearing fees are 0.0325% of the contract value and SGX trading access fees are 0.0075% of the contract value.


    Syfe has been a GST-registered entity since March 2022, and we have been absorbing the GST applicable to the services we provide to you. From 1 June 2023, Syfe began charging GST on management fees across Managed Portfolios and Cash Management. 

    Income+ fund-level fees

    Refer to the unified management fees of the constituent funds which are charged by the fund manager, in this case PIMCO.

    Income+ net fund-level fees

    Net Fund Level Fees of the portfolio is the weighted average of the net unified management fees of the constituent funds after accounting for rebates. For institutional share class funds, the gross and net fund level fees are the same. For retail/admin share classes, the net fund level fees are calculated by subtracting the unified management fees of the constituent funds with applicable trailer fee rebates which Syfe wholly passes on to its clients.

    Trailer fee rebate

    Trailer Fee Rebate is a fee that a fund manager pays intermediaries. The rebate is usually applicable when the fund’s share class is retail. Currently, Syfe passes on to clients any trailer fee rebates it receives for any of the constituent funds of Income+ portfolios.

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  • Apart from Syfe management fees for Syfe Portfolios, Syfe does not charge you transaction or brokerage fees. There are no sales charges, no withdrawal fees and no hidden charges as well, so you pay even lower fees.

    Kindly note that other fees not charged by Syfe may also be applicable to your Syfe Portfolios, learn more here

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    Starting from 1 March 2022, Syfe became a GST-registered entity. The Singapore government imposes Goods & Services Tax (GST) which is applicable to Syfe clients residing in Singapore. Depending on your pricing tier, the total fees payable range between 0.25% to 0.65% per year for Managed Portfolios and 0.05% to 0.2% for Cash Management. Find the full details of our pricing tiers here (w.e.f. 1 February 2024)  

    Management fees are based on the higher of assets under management (net worth) or invested amount, and are subjected to prevailing GST rates.

    In compliance with IRAS requirements, Syfe Wealth statement shows GST as a separate amount, and management fees charged are exclusive of GST.

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