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  • Syfe charges a simple, all-inclusive management fee of 0.35%-0.65% per annum, on Syfe Wealth investment portfolios, except Syfe Cash+. Your management fee rate will depend on your Syfe pricing tier. 

    Please note that no management fees are charged for Syfe Cash+.

    To estimate your monthly management fees depending on your invested amount, you may check out our Fee Calculator.


    How do the pricing tiers work?

    Your Syfe pricing tier, and corresponding fees, are decided by the higher of your total assets under management (AUM) or total invested amount across all investment portfolios, which includes Syfe Core, Syfe Select, and Syfe REIT+ portfolios. Please take note that the value of your total portfolio AUM may fluctuate due to market movements. 

    The total invested amount for Syfe Wealth portfolios is calculated as all cash inflows minus cash outflows.

    Any funds transferred from your bank account into your Syfe Wealth portfolios are considered cash inflows, while any withdrawals paid out to bank account are categorized as cash outflows. The value of your total assets under management is your portfolio current value (reflected as 'Current value' in your dashboard).

    Kindly note that any amount invested in Syfe Cash+ does not contribute to your overall assets under management (AUM) when determining your Syfe pricing tier, as Syfe Cash+ portfolio does not incur any management fees.

    Here is a quick overview of our pricing tiers:




    How are the fees calculated and charged?

    Fees are calculated on a daily basis and deducted from each of your portfolio's cash balances at the end of each month. Learn more about portfolio cash balances here

    As fees are calculated daily based on each portfolio's net asset value (NAV) for that day, you pay only for the days your money was managed by Syfe. 


    Where can I see the fees I have paid?

    To view the details of your fees paid, you may click on your Syfe Wealth portfolio(s) and scroll to the 'Fees paid' tab. 




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  • ETF Management Fees (For ETF portfolios)

    The ETF management fee across our Syfe Core portfolios averages 0.15 - 0.24%. ETF fees for Syfe Select portfolios may vary. For an ETF management fee of 0.15%, this amounts to around $1.50 per $1,000 invested each year. The fee is charged by the ETF manager and built in to the prices of the ETFs that we buy on your behalf. 

    Since it is not charged by Syfe, you will not see the ETF management fee deducted directly from your Syfe account.

    Currency Conversion 

    There is a 0.09% - 0.12% fee for currency conversion charged by our broker on the amount converted. This is applicable on SGD transfers made to Syfe portfolios where we need to buy or sell US dollars to trade US securities in your account.

    To understand more about currency conversion and your portfolio, please find out more here.

    SEC Charges

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges a very small fee of 0.0008% on sell trades. This fee applies to portfolios other than Syfe REIT+ and Syfe Cash+ for sell transactions only.

    SGX clearing and trading access fees (For REIT portfolios)

    The Singapore Exchange (SGX) charges clearing and trading access fees for trades executed on the SGX. These fees apply to our Syfe REIT+ portfolio only. SGX clearing fees are 0.0325% of the contract value and SGX trading access fees are 0.0075% of the contract value. 


    As of 1 March 2022, Syfe is a GST-registered entity. Goods & Services Tax (GST) imposed by the Singapore government is at the prevailing rate.

    However, Syfe absorbs GST for our customers in order to keep fees low. Customers are therefore not required to pay GST on their Syfe Wealth management fees.

    In compliance with IRAS' requirements, we show GST as a separate amount on your Syfe Wealth statement, although fees charged are inclusive of GST. 


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  • Apart from Syfe management fees for Syfe Wealth portfolios, Syfe does not charge you transaction or brokerage fees. There are no sales charges, no withdrawal fees and no hidden charges as well, so you pay even lower fees.

    Kindly note that other fees not charged by Syfe may also be applicable to your Syfe Wealth portfolios, learn more here

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